Land of Livia

A fully accessible epic fantasy adventure available now on iPhone, iPad & Mac

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App screenshot showing the game map and a quest in progress called Prowling Wolves that takes 9mins and 55 seconds to complete.

Uncover a dark conspiracy

Grow your character through exploration and questing from a modest farm hand into a worldly adventurer. Venture across land and sea to uncover the beginnings of a dark conspiracy afoot in the Land of Livia.

Fully Accessible

Accessible-by-design with tailored VoiceOver support and a level playing field for all.

An Epic Adventure

Embark on a 100+ hr adventure in an original and unique fantasy world with 150 diverse locations.

Free Prelude

Play through the first chapter, Sorceress and the Sea, for free with 4 additional chapters available via in-app-purchase.

Fits into a busy life

Relaxed and rewarding gameplay that fits into your life rather than taking it over.

Social & Inclusive

Experience our innovative Campfire system where strangers become adventuring companions.

Ethical Microtransactions

No loot boxes or gambling. Always a free way to unlock non-cosmetic items and features.

Image of a treasure chest, jewels, a skull and a looking glass


Development of Land of Livia started in 2014 with the idea of what if a game took the core elements of the great role playing and adventure games, like World of Warcraft and Plancescape Torment, and distilled them into a game you can play throughout your day? and what if it did it without the predatory microstransactions plaguing many games? This was a game Aaron Vernon knew needed to exist and so he spent 3 years willing it into existence. You can read more about his journey in Why I just can't give up on my Indie Game.

In 2018 the game headed in a new and exciting direction that would define its future when it became fully-accessible thanks to its incredible community of visually impaired players.

Truly inspired by player feedback during the ensuing years, in 2023 Aaron cofounded Split Atom Labs with a mission of improving inclusion in mobile games using the accessible-by-design approach refined during the ongoing development of Land of Livia.

Loot that's made for you

Quests and loot are at the heart of almost every great game, but do you find yourself without the time or ability to play the games you crave? Or are you sick of predatory microtransactions and toxic communities? Don't worry we've got plenty of loot for you to collect throughout your day!


Complete a plethora of increasingly challenging quests

Legendary Items

Use your wits to find 20+ ancient lost items of legend

App screenshot of the inventory screen showing the heros equipped items and stats.


Find precious gems and cut them to the Illustrious tier and beyond

Lore Fragments

Find lore fragments and research runes to upgrade them into rarer types

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Our mission at Split Atom Labs is to improve inclusion in mobile games with our accessible-by-design approach to game development. If you need help, find a problem, or would like to suggest a feature then we would love to hear from you.